Trick Photography

February 28th, 2014

Trick photography is a very exciting field. Photographers want to produce images that are original and captivating. New photographers want to learn about special photography tips and tricks in order to produce stunning pictures.  Trick photography images seem to be in great demand; people are easily impressed by uncanny images; by images that take them on a journey to a different world. If you are new to this field, check out as it is definitely worth investing in trick photography and special effects training.

Even if you are unable to undergo paid training, there are alternative ways to learn new tricks for these areas of photography. There is a wealth of resources online. Naturally, you need to be selective. You’d better select some well-known forums with numerous participants. You can study their discussions and some relevant articles. Keep some notes and start shooting!

Be Patient – Practice!

You most probably won’t shoot the perfect picture from the very beginning; however, after some time, you will gain more confidence using cool photography tricks. You can simply utilize your mobile camera to take digital images and practice at very low cost. You can hone your craft and even come up with some digital photography tricks that will impress other photographers in online forums. The exchange of information on the web may be particularly fruitful; and you can also benefit from constructive criticism.

If you reach an advanced level, you can upgrade your gear in order to carry out more complicated projects. Consider your needs; test several camera models before buying one. The feel of a model is a critical factor when choosing a photographic camera. Ask yourself simple questions, such as: Does it feel comfortable for everyday use? Furthermore, you should bear in mind that buying expensive equipment does not automatically make you a better photographer.

Different Styles

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to learning trick photography and special effects photography. What works for one photographer may not work for another one. As individuals, we have preferences for diverse learning styles. You can experiment with a few styles and decide on the one that suits you best.

In addition, after some experimentation with trick photography, you can consider if you want to become a specialist; you also need to choose some other areas of specialization, such as black and white photography. There is a host of black and white photography tricks to be learnt. Keep an open mind and enjoy the process. You may want to focus on one area before moving to another one.

Photography Tips and Tricks

February 28th, 2014

When studying photography tips and tricks, it is easy to get confused by reading contradictory advice on manipulating your camera to achieve the desired effects. You should be absolutely certain that your sources are reliable. Always double-check the validity of the information you obtain, either online or offline.

Ideally, you should learn both from online and offline sources. If you cannot afford to purchase any photography books, you may visit a public library; and try to find a lot of quality material on the Internet. You can search for websites that offer substantial training and tips for free. It is understandable if you are unable to pay a lot for your training. Buying equipment alone sets you back a considerable amount of money.

Career Investment 

Naturally, do not hesitate to spend a certain sum for your education if you can. You may choose to enroll in some reputable online courses for mastering cool photography tricks that will take your photography to the next level. You can also obtain a few photography books that demystify challenging photography fields, such as trick photography and black and white photography; and reveal digital photography tricks, black and white photography tricks and secrets to special effects photography. Trick Photography and Special Effects by Evan Sharboneau is a great book to get you started on the road to camera trickery.

You should implement what you find useful from your sources. You can practice new tricks in the above areas or other photographic areas; and then settle on a few that you feel you wish to further develop in.  Set specific and realistic targets. You can master photography progressively.  Do not forget that constant practice is a must. It is advisable that you keep a journal to record your improvement. This will help you stay focused on your objectives. You can produce a high volume of digital photography images to improve your skills in your chosen areas of specialty.


There is a wide range of digital equipment available. You can find many useful reviews of most equipment online. Consulting these is highly recommended. Buying a new kit lens is probably the wisest move you can make. There are wide-angle lenses, normal lenses, telephoto lenses, super telephoto lenses, and specialty lenses. After choosing one kind of lens, you should also consider the image quality, the build quality, and any budgetary constraints. You may also need to buy additional equipment, such as a tripod, in order to enjoy more stability. You’d better prioritize your needs by writing a list with the items that are really necessary and the ones that are optional.

There are so many photography tips and tricks to be shared and learnt. You should just pick the ones that will lead you to photography success more quickly and easily.

Black and White Photography Tricks

February 28th, 2014

Monochromatic images have a specific allure. They point to an era of lost innocence; they invite us to reminisce about past situations; they are often associated with a sense of nostalgia; and they almost inevitably lead to an idealization of past experiences.

If you want to delve into black and white photography, you should know the importance of tones, which can be regarded as analogous to the importance of colors in color photography. You should also be able to visualize how a black and white image will be recorded with your camera. There should be a focal subject that will be distinct from the background. The role of depth, lighting, contrast, and composition is also critical for a successful black and white picture.

Image Manipulation

Nowadays, the manipulation of images with Photoshop is very common in various fields of photography, such as trick photography, special effects photography, and black and white photography. The digital manipulation of black and white pictures is an exciting development, but it may sometimes raise ethical concerns.  Nevertheless, there are already fine exemplars of such digital pictures on the Internet. The combined use of digital photography tricks and black and white photography tricks can lead to the creation of truly enthralling images.

In a way, black and white photography can be considered as special effects photography, as objects do not appear with their ‘real’ colors, as a result of a photographer’s intervention. Besides, in some cases, monochromatic and color photography can coexist in one image. This happens when one object appears colored in black and white surroundings. In that sense, this is an instance of applying trick photography and special effects.

Black and White Specialist

Some photography lovers are particularly drawn by the rich suggestiveness and the sophisticated elegance of black and white images. So if you wish to specialize in this area of photography, you may find a dedicated clientele looking to access an exquisite black and white world. If you expose your work properly, you may be able to have several customers. This means that you should employ effective marketing techniques; and dynamically promote your presence in diversified ways.

It is highly advisable that you visit black and white photography exhibitions. You may be lucky enough to meet the creator of the pictures on display and be informed about some more photography tips and tricks. You can then try using the cool photography tricks you have just learnt in order to make your own contribution to this kind of photography, or even use the amazing photos you have produced to earn some extra cash from Digicamcash.